Terms of rental*

1 – Occupation of the rented premises
The tenant is free to use all of the property and furniture within the property.
The tenant must ensure to keep the peaceful nature of the property, car-park and ski lockers.

2 – Conclusion of the contract
The rental period of the contract starts and finishes on the dates indicated in the contract.
The rental agreement between the two parties in the contract shall in no case benefit third parties without the prior consent of the owner of the property.
The owner can refuse any additional people or can increase the rental price.
The reservation becomes effective when the tenant has sent the deposit amount indicated in the contract along with a signed copy of the contract to the owner of the rental property.
The balance of the rental should be paid on arrival at the rental property.

3 – Arrival
The tenant must arrive the day and hour indicated in the contract. In case of any arrival delays or alterations the tenant must inform the property owner beforehand.

4 – Concellation by the tenant
Any cancellation must be notified in a registered letter.
The deposit already paid to the owner of the property is kept by the owner, except if the property can be re-rented for the same period or price.
If the tenant does not arrive within 24 hours of the pre-arranged arrival time written in the contract, the contract becomes null and void and the owner can dispose of their property as they wish. The owner keeps the deposit already paid.
If the rental period is cut short, the rental price indicated in the contract must be paid in full. There will be no refund.

5- Deposit
Upon arrival the tenant must pay a deposit to the owner, the amount of which is indicated within the contract.
The tenant must inform the owner of any equipment or services which are not functioning correctly.
After the owner has checked the property at the end of the rental period, the deposit will be returned to the tenant within eight days after deducting the cost of repairing any damage the may have occurred.

6 – Insurance
The tenant is responsible for any damages that have occurred by them. It is recommended that the tenant takes out a multi-risk policy to cover any damages that might occur.

* These will be indicated within the rental contract given to the tenant by the owner of the property.